Photo by Noel Hendrickson/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Impressions that Stick

Form should ALWAYS follow Function. The best design won't do you much good, if the adhesive wasn't meant to work on your product. If your supplier isn't asking how you intend to use your labels, temperature, exposure to the elements, shelf life, be cautious. We are real people asking real questions, to get you labels that stick. 

A few of our Labels

Bar Code, Barbecue Sauce, Clear Poly with Silver Leaf, Container, mailing, Dumpster Warnin,  Fluorescent, Gift, Gold Foil, Graduation and Address Seals, Hard Hat Decal, Kraft, Litho, Laserblank, Nutrition, Oil Change, Packaging, Personalized Seals, Peel Out with Thermal Transfer, Personal and Confidential,Physician Signature, Product, Reusable Drum; “For Oxygen Emergencies”, Seals, Battery, Silver Foil,Static Cling Window Decals, Tamper Proof, Truck Decals, U.S. Inspected by,Vehicle Permit, Wine Bottles