'20-'21 Protection Products

Masks are not a political statement. They are one of many tools we can use to combat the Coronavirus.  As Central California’s Business Partner it is our mission to make you successful. During a pandemic, that includes keeping you safe. Since April 6th, 2020, we have been sourcing safe 95% filtration kN95 masks. 


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All Valley Printing is keeping 3-ply medical & kN95 masks in stock, as well as touchless thermometers and face shields. Additionally, we represent JANUS. JANUS is a PRIVACY First, contactless, temperature sensing kiosk which automatically measures human body temperature as part of authorizing personnel and visitor access to buildings and public areas. Contact us for more information.

A few more ways we are helping business continue operating safely during this time: Interior and Exterior Display Signage and Tents, Floor Decals, Cloth Face Masks, Sneeze Guards, Branded Hand Sanitizer and Hand Wipes, Sanitizing Stations, Printed Literature and Mailers, Aprons, Custom Printed Disposable Paper and Plastic Bags, Employee Uniforms.

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Want to watch data as it is tracked in real time, regarding the BIG PICTURE Covid19?

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